Campus At : Khaspur, Dayal Bagh, Agra - 282 005
Phone : 8171813034 || 8077699273

About The College

ESS ESS College of Education Founded at Agra in 2011 under the flagship of ESS ESS Group of Institutions , is managed and owned by Shree Radhey Bihari Trust.

Our Aims :

- To provide quality education integrated with latest technological developments.

- To provide education to as many young men and women from all sections of our society & thus we proactively extends our support to student who lack opportunities. To provide student- centered environment in which the cultural, social , physical & recreational needs of the students are met.

- To provide an environment within which all our students feel valued & able to achieve personal excellence in all aspects of life & be an all-rounder in life.

- To create effective interface with industry , business and community to make education responsive to change.